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“Liz Singer is a very fine clinician. She brings to her work intelligence, sensitivity, experience, warmth and creative skills. She works well with a wide range of people and she is highly committed to her psychotherapy and psychoanalytic patients.”

Naama Barash, PhD., Senior Member, NPAP, IPTAR


“Elizabeth Singer has played a crucial role in the workings of the Theodore Reik Clinical Center for the past six years. Her clinical expertise, clarity of mind and overall enthusiasm have proved invaluable on several important projects. She is a true asset to TRCC and the field of psychoanalysis as a whole.”

– Brian Kloppenberg, LP 


“I have known Liz for 17 years as a compassionate and gifted psychotherapist. She is keenly attuned to the people she works with and understands what they need and want. She knows when to be sympathetic — and when to give you that gentle nudge to help you deal with the tough issues that all human beings face. She’s a good companion to have on your journey.”

– Joyce Rosenberg, JD, LP Associated Press


“Liz Singer is an intuitive, compassionate and creative therapist with a laserlike ability to get to the heart of the matter.  She has been instrumental in providing guidance  for time spent with my somewhat prickly, precarious and unpredictable family of origin.  This past holiday season, prepared with tools from session time with Liz and the grace of acceptance of what could and could not be, I was able to navigate a real time assessment of what was actually happening during our visit.  And with that, I began to let go of what I thought should happen or I wanted to have happen, and was able to actual enjoy both my mother and my sister right where we all were, in the present moment.  Best gift ever and I have Liz to thank.”

Cindy H, Writer, Reiki Master


“I have known Elizabeth Singer for twenty years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to watch her grow into an exceptional psychoanalyst. She brings to her work a large fund of knowledge gained from being extremely well read in the field of psychoanalysis and from having graduated from one of the premier psychoanalytic institutes in NYC. Elizabeth brings to her work passion, devotion, sensitivity and empathy. Ms. Singer is well established as a psychoanalyst dealing with any and all personal issues but is particularly effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety and anger management. She is as astute and insightful with couples as she is with individuals. Elizabeth Singer is one of the very few people to whom I feel comfortable referring patients.”

Eileen Bahl LP