Your Plan When Anger Flashes Over Into Action

Emergency help when anger takes over.     Name-calling, cursing, pushing, shoving, grabbing and worse. You can't believe it got that far, but it did, and you don't recognize yourself. Sounds like a rage attack. Anger plus panic til you reach a tipping point, and you are out [...]

On Trusting and Not Trusting

Trust comes slow and sweaty like fog. The New Year begins and the lousy articles on psychotherapy appear. Like this one in the Wall Street Journal: My advice? Don't trust. Try to say your truth and notice how you feel. Something should begin inside. A process that's [...]

Do I take insurance?

The insurance question is my most asked question. The short answer is "no, I don't take insurance." But bear with me because I'm going to explain the whole shebang to you right here, right now. I am an out-of-network provider. That means I am not in-network on any plan and [...]

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Anxious Parents Raising Calm Children: It CAN Be Done

The play space for toddlers at Washington Square Park is a slow, sweet spot. Babies learn to walk there and time stretches out like a summer afternoon. It’s also a good place to do impromptu baby watching. A truck backfires and the babies react. Some older toddlers look toward their [...]

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9 Signs You Are Building Up To A Rage Attack

Rage attacks don't just happen. They start days before. Here are some signs that you are headed for an outburst. 9 signs you are headed for a rage attack 1. Work a full day after dental surgery because after all, the dentist said that you would be fine. Ignore [...]

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