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Liz comes to psychotherapy through theatre's stage door. A professional actress for a decade before beginning her training in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, she brings to her work a lived knowledge of the artistic and artisan life. She is expert at working to heal anger and rage.
Don't manage anger, heal it.

Your Plan When Anger Flashes Over Into Action

Emergency help when anger takes over.     Name-calling, cursing, pushing, shoving, grabbing and worse. You can't believe it got that far, but it did, and you don't recognize yourself. Sounds like a rage attack. Anger plus panic til you reach a tipping point, and you are out of control. It feels like [...]

On Trusting and Not Trusting

Trust comes slow and sweaty like fog. The New Year begins and the lousy articles on psychotherapy appear. Like this one in the Wall Street Journal: http://www.wsj.com/articles/how-to-know-if-your-therapy-is-working-1483272009?tesla=y My advice? Don't trust. Try to say your truth and notice how you feel. Something should begin inside. A process that's difficult to describe, but let [...]

Do I take insurance?

The insurance question is my most asked question. The short answer is "no, I don't take insurance." But bear with me because I'm going to explain the whole shebang to you right here, right now. I am an out-of-network provider. That means I am not in-network on any plan and you are on the hook [...]

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Anxious Parents Raising Calm Children: It CAN Be Done

The play space for toddlers at Washington Square Park is a slow, sweet spot. Babies learn to walk there and time stretches out like a summer afternoon. It’s also a good place to do impromptu baby watching. A truck backfires and the babies react. Some older toddlers look toward their caregivers and calm themselves. Others [...]

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9 Signs You Are Building Up To A Rage Attack

Rage attacks don't just happen. They start days before. Here are some signs that you are headed for an outburst. 9 signs you are headed for a rage attack 1. Work a full day after dental surgery because after all, the dentist said that you would be fine. Ignore all evidence (pain, wooziness, irritability) [...]

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I’m Going

Mim Loftus at 19, Cape May, New Jersey The last time I saw my mother, I wore her favorite blouse, a brilliant orange and green splash of silk.  I flew down to DC from New York on a Sunday morning.  The previous Thursday, Mom had gotten up only briefly and had then gone [...]

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Anger Management: Top Five Traits of Explosive People

Do any of these belief systems apply to you? If someone held a gun to my head and told me to come up with a list of the top five traits of angry people. This would be that list. 1.   You are in a hurry. Gotta do it, gotta get it done, [...]

Affordable Psychotherapy in NYC: A Path To Treatment

You can find therapy for as little at $35 per session in New York City.  The institute where I trained to become an analyst runs a referral service out of its headquarters on 13th Street in Greenwich Village. Offering affordable psychotherapy, it is a path to treatment when money is tight. The institute is called [...]

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Anger management: Anger Managed Well

Photo By: Sgt. Christopher Duncan Novice firefighters learn to put fires out by setting them. Instructors load rooms of furniture into old shipping containers, start a fire, and then show the newcomers how a room burns. In this photo, Marine firefighters watch everything in a room ignite or “flashover.” A wave of anger [...]

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When loved ones make the call for help with anger management

I get a lot of calls from the spouses, partners and parents of people who need anger management.  People are angry and rageful and loved ones search on the net for help and ring my phone.  I wish it worked.  It doesn’t.  I learned it the hard way by trying and failing and trying and [...]

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